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Can Wellness really keep you Well?

When we talk about wellness, we mean a holistic approach to your health. Rather than focus on one aspect of your health, we strive to balance your entire being to optimize your wellness.


Wellness has become a buzzword recently, and that popularity has left many people unsure whether it really makes a difference. At Vantage Medical, we strive to help you understand your body and how you can live your best life in it. We've compiled a quick explanation of what wellness can mean for you and whether it's worth it.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine believes that illness isn't related to only one issue. Your body is affected by your mind, spirit, emotions, and vice versa. If we exclude one of these areas while only focusing on another, we're not correctly treating the person as a whole.


For instance, if you're experiencing a headache, some doctors might give you pain medication. This treats the symptom (pain) without considering what the other effects or causes might be. Maybe you're experiencing heightened stress that's affecting your brain chemistry or blood pressure. Maybe you're dehydrated, or the headache is a symptom of another illness that needs to be dealt with. The pain medication might help short-term, but the headache will return as long as the underlying causes aren't dealt with.


Holistic medicine reviews the person as a whole, leaving room for longer-term healing and improvement. Not only does your headache get fixed, but you have more energy and joy because your stress has been handled.

Is Holistic Wellness New-Agey Pseudo-Science?

A common misperception about holistic wellness is that it's not based on fact. Wellness gurus might tout juices or meditation and seem a little silly in their yoga pants, but doctors' holistic medicine is based on scientific facts. Holistic is not a new aged replacement for traditional medicine. On the contrary, it's the total integration of traditional medicine to form a complete health plan that addresses the whole patient.

Types of Holistic Treatments

Holistic wellness covers a wide variety of specialties and areas. A Holistic doctor might suggest some of the following to better balance your health:


This isn't a complete list of what your doctor might suggest, and not all of these will be right for you. Discuss with your doctor what you're comfortable trying, and ask for their advice about what might help you.

Wellness Lifts Your Entire Life

Taking the time to look at the entire picture of your health and life will positively affect your whole life. If you've ever heard the saying, "A high tide raises all boats," you understand what we mean. We want to improve every aspect of your health by considering all of them in your medical care.


At Vantage Medical, we're proud to take a holistic approach to your wellness. Use our quick and easy appointment booking tool to book your appointment to start your journey to a more balanced life.

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