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House Calls

Vantage Medical Associates, P.C.

Internal Medicine & Cardiology located in Far Rockaway, NY & Brooklyn, NY

House Calls are a way for people who are homebound to get the essential medical care they need. The experienced, compassionate team at Vantage Medical Associates, P.C., which has locations in the Bergen Beach, Coney Island, Williamsburg, and Sheepshead Bay neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the Far Rockaway neighborhood in Queens, and Brentwood and Babylon, New York, provides house calls, in-home nursing, and diagnostic care without you having to arrange transportation to the office. Get access to the care you need, the care you deserve. Call Vantage Medical Associates to arrange for a house call or use the online tool to schedule.

House Calls Q & A

Why might someone need a house call?

Many people — often the elderly — have chronic and debilitating health problems that require them to juggle complicated drug regimens and medical care. It can be difficult to deal with transportation costs, the hassle of getting prior authorizations to visit a specialist and understanding Medicare prescription drug plans.

Vantage Medical Associates PC provides house calls to help seniors and other homebound individuals deal with these problems and get the medical attention they need in the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to house calls, the Vantage Medical Associates PC team also offers telehealth appointments for issues like prescription refills and follow-up visits.

What is involved in a house call?

House calls include visits from a doctor and other healthcare workers. The practice can provide home health aides to help with daily care or relief for family caregivers. Your provider can do in-home testing and lab work, even dialysis.

What are the benefits of house calls?

Obviously, house calls remove the need to leave the house, making medical care more available to homebound individuals. While providing greater access to health care, house calls also successfully reduce the number of emergency room visits, hospitalizations, re-admissions, and nursing home placements.

What should I expect during a house call?

When you call Vantage Medical Associates PC, the friendly staff takes the necessary information to verify insurance coverage and schedule your appointment. The practice makes every effort to schedule your appointment within 48 hours. House calls are typically scheduled monthly, but you can request one anytime.

On the day of your appointment, your visiting provider does a thorough physical exam and reviews your medical history and medications.

They use a laptop computer to access your health records, send prescriptions to your pharmacy, and order additional diagnostic services that can be done in your home. These can include blood work, X-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, and echocardiograms.

If needed, your provider schedules a follow-up appointment to discuss test results and check on your condition. When you need care from a specialist who doesn’t provide house calls, Vantage Medical Associates PC arranges transportation to get you to their office.

Your provider works with you, your caregivers, and specialists to develop a customized care plan. Vantage Medical Associates PC can arrange for additional in-home services like skilled nursing, home health aides, and delivery of medical equipment and medications.

To schedule a house call, call Vantage Medical Associates PC today or use the online tool to schedule your visit.