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Pain, Pain Go Away- Evaluation and Treatment of Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a common complaint among people, no matter their demographic. It's one of the leading chronic illnesses out there. If you're one of the many who experiences chronic back pain, please know that there's hope for you not to have to live with it forever.

What Causes Back Pain?

Depending on the location of your back pain and medical history, there's a laundry list of reasons that your back might be hurting. Whether you had an accident that caused an injury, repeated stress wore away at the tissues, or you're unsure why it's hurting, there are many reasons you might be experiencing pain. Your doctor will implement a variety of tests to determine what the cause is. Once we know the cause and effect of the pain, we can formulate a plan to eradicate it.

Potential Back Pain Treatments

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

A common cause of lower back pain is the dreaded slipped disc. Soft discs cushion the bones of your spine. If these discs are injured in any way, you can feel intense pain. For instance, this is where sciatic pain comes from.


PRP is an all-natural treatment derived from your own blood. Your doctor takes a sample of blood and use your blood's components to create an injection. That injection is applied to an injury site such as the soft discs that sit between your vertebrae. The platelets, which are the natural medics of your bloodstream, are then set to work repairing the discs.

Epidural Injections

By injecting a strong anti-inflammatory, we can stop the inflammation and irritation at the nerve root. This inflammation is caused by disc pressure at the nerve root, radiating up through the nerve.

Facet Joint Injections

If an arthritic or degenerative condition in the joints connecting your vertebrae is causing the pain, your doctor may recommend facet joint injections. You may feel pain radiating to the thigh or buttocks area in an ache. This treatment uses steroids and numbing medication to treat pain.

How Do I Know Which Back Pain Treatment is Best?

The kind of treatment that will work best depends entirely on the source of your pain. Discussing the location and nature of your pain with your doctor is the best way to help them find and fix the issue.


Before your appointment, think about these questions to help your doctor determine the source of the pain:


Consider writing the answers down and bringing them with you to your appointment. This information will help your doctor best diagnose and treat your back pain.

Injections Sound Painful

We'll be honest- sticking things in your body will cause some soreness. However, your doctor will numb the area before any needles are applied, so the procedure itself won't hurt. The procedure normally only lasts a few minutes. Any pain or swelling afterward can be managed and is usually minimal.


"Oh My Aching Back" Doesn't Have to Be Forever

We want to help you have a limber, happy life free from back pain. Use our simple online booking tool to book your evaluation appointment and take your first steps to a pain-free life.

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