Picking the Right Shoes for Your Aching Feet: Opinions from a Podiatrist

Picking the right shoes for you is incredibly important for the health of your feet and legs. Whether it's for intensive running or just a daily shoe for casual wear, picking the right shoes is a more complex task than you might have been under the impression it was.

There are many shoes that should be avoided entirely if it's about health over fashion and when it comes to picking the right shoe there are many important factors that should be taken into consideration before committing to them for any length of time.

Why are the right shoes important? 

Wearing the wrong shoes even for a short amount of time can lead to a whole bunch of health issues in regards to your legs, joints, and obviously the feet.

Wearing the wrong shoes if you already have issues with your health in these areas is a serious problem but it's still an issue for people that don’t have pre-existing health concerns so it’s important that everyone takes this into consideration when buying new shoes.

Wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong activity is also a serious problem, different shoes are designed for different tasks so what you're going to be wearing the shoes to do should also be taken into consideration when purchasing new shoes.

There are also shoes that regardless of what you are wearing them for will be bad for the health of your feet, legs, and joints so it's also important to try and avoid shoes that are bad for your health in all conditions.

How do you pick the right shoe?

The simplest answer to that question is to try them on and see how they feel before you buy them, however, there is significantly more to it than that. The first thing to do is determine what the role of the shoe will be; will you be using these for daily casual wear or for rigorous exercise.

For example, if you wanted to buy shoes for running then try running in them to see how they feel before purchasing them. Another important step is to examine the shoe both while wearing and not wearing it.

It may seem obvious but absolutely make sure that they fit properly and correctly its incredibly easy to say something like “they fit close enough” it’s important not to do this and to be reasonably picky when it comes to what shoes you buy and wear as it’s important for your health. 

While checking the shoe when you are not wearing them make sure that they are sturdy enough for the task you are going to use them for, you don’t want shoes that will disintegrate over time.

There is significantly more to why it’s important to wear the right shoes and how to find the right shoes for you this is really just the basics. If you need special shoes or you have health issues related to areas of your body affected by the type of shoes you wear it’s important to consult a podiatrist to make sure you get the right shoes for you.


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